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At The Cosy Vegan we appreciate it can be difficult to find suitable accommodation in-harmony with your commitment to animal rights and the environment. Even self catering usually only gives you control over what you eat, and sometimes you just don't want all the hassle of cooking while on holiday.


 Large double bed with bright sheets, and a tartan dog cushion

Our bed and breakfast is a little different to most. Owned and run by long term vegans we ensure the complimentary toiletries, snacks, bedding and food are all chosen with thoughtful consideration to ensure they are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Our ethos can be summed up in haiku (with apologies to the noble tradition and sophistication of practitioners of this beautiful art) :


A cosy welcome,

No harm to any, hope for all,

A calm sea for you.


Located in the heart of Scotland The Cosy Vegan is convenient whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, being in close proximity to Dunfermline and within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and myriad other places of historical and natural beauty.


You can read extracts from our guest book on our accommodation page to give you an idea of other guests experiences here.


breakfast, evening meals & picnics


Vegan breakfast, with toast, beans, sausages, hash browns, tattie scone and tofu scramble.


Here you'll receive our inclusive full vegan cooked breakfast, and we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its size and quality as you're greeted with porridge and mixed berries for starters, followed by The Big Yin (pictured above). Breakfast is served in your room at a time convenient for you.


Legend has it (well, many guests have told us) The Big Yin fuels their day until evening. Some do say no one has stayed yet who is vegan enough to finish it completely! (Okay, no one has said that, but any leftovers don't go to waste - we have an eternally hungry dog and eight chickens who'll happily devour any scraps.)


Our evening menu offers a little of everything, from our signature dish of mushroom and pea risotto, to a range of mouthwatering burgers, delicious spaghetti Bolognese, grilled sweet potato tortillas, and that most traditional of Scottish dishes - Haggis with neeps and tatties.


You can enjoy evening meals in the comfort of your room, linger in the relaxing atmosphere of our conservatory or  dine al fresco in our private garden - the unpredictable Scottish weather permitting!


If your adventuring out into the wilds we can prepare you a picnic hamper full of vegan treats, and we'll even throw in a tartan picnic blanket.


Our four legged friends

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine


Dogs are very welcome and are free to play safely in the enclosed garden. Dean Plantation forest is a short walk (with amazing views) from here (20 minutes), a quiet and beautiful forest for you and your canine companion to explore. Closer still are the George IV playing fields: a well kept public field and gardens enclosed by traditional stone walls, with a number of footpaths branching off from it into the village.




Countryside view


An ideal base for you to explore the history and beauty of Fife due to it's central position between the iconic cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Crossford can trace it's settlement to the Bronze Age, and since antiquity has been a rich agricultural area thanks to the mineral rich soil, giving visitors spectacular views across the fields to the Firth of Forth. Runners, walkers, cyclists, artists, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts will  to relax and enjoy time in the country voted most beautiful in the world by Rough Guide readers in 2017.


Dunfermline, Scotland’s ancient capital, is a mere 2 miles from here, bringing you all the benefits of a large modern town with a host of historical attractions such as the Palace and Abbey - the final resting place of many of Scotland’s kings and queens, including Robert the Bruce, the fae charm of Pittencrief Park (known locally by it's traditional Scottish name as simply The Glen) with it's winding burn snaking through ancient woodland, ruins of old towers and expansive gardens and lawns, or the unique Abbot House - a sudden burst of colour amidst the grey stone buildings lining Dunfermline’s streets, and the spiritual beauty of Saint Margaret’s Cave to name a few.


We're working on our about the area page at the moment, which will include an interactive map of the area and Edinburgh and Glasgow. Like the next season of Games of Thrones it's not likely to appear on your screens until April 2019, but won't include dragons or gratuitous nudity (we're saving the latter for our much anticipated calendar - "The Cosy Vegan - please be kind, it's cold in Scotland!", which will be available as a stocking filler for Christmas 2018) .


In the mean time we've included some recommendations in our useful bits n' pieces page for the vegan traveller to Scotland, from vegan restaurant review blogs, to books that we've found useful in our own exploration of this fascinating country, details of small vegan businesses, restaurants in Dunfermline that have vegan options, and even a glossary of Scottish words and phrases to help you understand and appreciate the diversity of the regional lingo.


Out and about


Actor dressed as pict warrior poses with smiling boy


Crossford has excellent public transport links, with buses approximately every 20 minutes to Glasgow and Dunfermline.


 Dunfermline Bus station is a hub for services   across Fife, including ones to Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Falkland, Leven, Falkirk, and Aberdour. You can buy a Fife Dayrider to suit the area you are looking to explore, with prices starting at £5.40 -  visit the Stagecoach ticket page for more information.


Dunfermline Town train station is a 15 minute walk from the bus station. Travelling by train to Edinburgh is marginally cheaper, and massively more rewarding in terms of the views as you cross Brunel's original Forth bridge. Taxi's to or from the train station from The Cosy Vegan will negate the cheaper part (depending on the size of your party), coming in at around £8 per journey.


If you are travelling by car there is ample off road parking available for you, and for any cyclists there is secure storage space for your bikes.

Blogger reviews for your perusal

 your stay helps save animals lives



"Your heart is full of fertile seed, waiting to sprout. Just as a lotus flower springs from the mire to bloom splendidly, the interaction of the cosmic breath causes the flower of the spirit to bloom and bear fruit in this world."


Moriteru Ueshiba



Princes' Story



In Autumn 2016 Lynn saved the-two-year-old son of a dairy cow from slaughter. After he was born, he was taken from his mother and denied the milk her milk produced for him - simply so that his milk could be reserved for human consumption. Lynn named this bullock Prince, and he now lives in a sanctuary.


You can follow Prince on his social media accounts:




At The Cosy Vegan we wanted to do something to help cows like Prince by supporting the crowd funding of The Lotus Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organisation based on the West Coast of Scotland, raising funds to create a safe haven for rescued farm animals.


 £2.00 per night of your stay at The Cosy Vegan, and £1.00 from each evening meal is donated to fundraising for the Lotus Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organisation based in , to create an educational, interactive and fully vegan animal sanctuary.


"Our mission in life is to educate people about the animals our society refers to as ‘food’ animals. To achieve this, we are working to set up a vegan sanctuary in Scotland: a safe haven for animals in need of shelter. While non-vegan sanctuaries do not believe in rescuing animals from slaughter, a vegan sanctuary will attempt to save all animals unconditionally.


"Lotus will be an educational sanctuary for animals and humans alike. We aim to cultivate a compassionate and peaceful energy where human & non-human animals can interact with each other and where both can can improve or maintain a healthy state of physical and mental health. Our hope is that everyone will learn from each other and we plan to provide people with the opportunity to learn and experience how the animals viewed as “food animals” are no different from the companion animals we would walk over hot coals for, treat as family and share our very homes with. "


Lynn, founder of Lotus Animal Sanctuary and owner of Bohemian Hippy, selling vegan merchandise to save animals lives.



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Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Countryside view

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Countryside view

Large double bed with bright sheets, and a tartan dog cushion

Vegan breakfast, with toast, beans, sausages, hash browns, tattie scone and tofu scramble.

Dog on the banks of Loch Katrine

Countryside view